About the filmmakers

Patricia Josefine Marchart is an award-winning freelance filmmaker with over 10 films to her credit. Her film company Schutzfilm was founded in 2007 with two partners. www.schutzfilm.comwww.visioncraft.at

Christian Fiala is the film’s producer, and specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology who operates two abortion clinics in Austria, as well as the award-winning Museum of Contraception and Abortion in Vienna. He has supported two previous documentaries: “The Long Arm of the Empress” about the history of the abortion law in Austria, and “The Children Send Their Regards”, featuring stories from victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

Joyce Arthur is co-creator and a researcher for the film. She is the founder and executive director of Canada’s national pro-choice group, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, as well as a writer.



Valentinas Parents
Francisca und Juan
Savitas Friends
Antonia und Filippe

Franciska Fernandez
Teresa Fernández Paredes
Charo Quintana
Joyce Arthur
Lord David Steel
Lisa Canitano
Silvana Agatone
Peter Boylan
Sir Sabaratnam Arulkurmaran
Kitty Holland
Clare Daly
Dette Mc Laughlin
Madamme Francois
Rebecca Gomperts
Gunilla Kleiverda
Janna Westerhuis
Elles Garcia
Anneke van Soest
Jorien Nijland



Christian Fiala
Joyce Arthur

Director & Camera & Editor:

Patricia Josefine Marchart

2nd Cameraassistant

Georg Sabransky


Carlo Pelikan


IRHI Initiative for Reproductive Health Information


Jillian Cassidy
Karin Fiegl
Debora Miranda Robaina

Artistic Advice:

Bernadette Stummer


Christopher Tierney
Mark McConville
Laura Martinez Valero

Thanks to:

Womanslink worldwide

Responsible for all content:

IRHI Initiative for Reproductive Health Information

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